EVAK storage jars - rubberised matt black handle

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EVAK storage jars - rubberised matt black handle

As foods are exposed to the air, they will gradually lose their flavour. This twin valve airflow system hidden in the lid of this storage jar removes the air, so your food stays fresher for longer. Easy to use, just push the plunger down to force air out and pull up to release.

Available in 4 sizes; large, 5.75 cups holds 454g/1.36L, medium, 3 cups holds 227g/709ml, small, 2 cups holds 152g/468ml and mini (sold to retailers as CDU), 0.75 cups holds 75g/177ml

Made from the highest quality odor and stain-free Borosilicate glass and stainless steel.

Please note: Stockists may not necessarily stock all sizes.